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Specialty Contact Lenses

Dr. Zach is one of the very few optometrists in the area that fits a variety of specialty contact lenses. These lenses help people in a variety of ways. Some people cannot see and are otherwise blind without these lenses. Other lenses help patients not to have to wear correction throughout the day. Make sure to ask Dr. Zach or Dr. Melissa if you qualify at your next eye exam. 

Ortho Keratology

Ortho K lenses reshape the eye so that the wearer does not need to wear correction (glasses or contacts) throughout the day. the wearer inserts the contacts before bed (after cleaning appropriately), wears them during sleep, and takes them out in the morning. Presto! For the rest of the day, the wearer does not need any additional correction to see clearly. Also, this correction does a better job than any other of keeping prescriptions stable in children!

scleral 2.png

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral Lenses are used to provide a round clear surface to help people restore vision to eyes that are irregular in shape due to disease or injury. These can also be used to restore hydration to extremely dry eyes. They also can be used to reconcile high prescriptions and irregular astigmatism.  

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